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What Is The Best Local Radio App?

Local FM radio can be a great source of entertainment for many individuals. Not only can they listen to local music, but they can also stray abreast with what’s happening in their surrounding areas. Many local radio stations also conduct many competitions that are highly enjoyable to participate in.

Sadly, Apple doesn’t include a radio app with their iOS operating system, which runs on all their mobile devices. Thankfully, there are many apps that allow you to stream both local and international radio stations to your mobile device, be it the iPhone or the iPad. Most of these apps also have a variant released for Android handsets.

However, you will be requiring a data connection to run these apps successfully, something which isn’t required in a true FM radio.

So, what is the best local radio app?

TuneIn Radio is arguably the best local radio app for mobile devices. The app lets you stream radio stations from almost every corner of the world. The selection of radio stations is so vast that almost every category is exhausted beyond what you’d normally expect. Some of the most popular radio station categories are music, sports, talk, news and comedy.

Totally, there are more than 100,000 radio stations and 2 million podcasts, shows or concerts to choose from. The exciting feature is that all of these stations can be accessed on mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone, Android devices and iPad for free.

Not only can you listen to distant radio stations with TuneIn Radio, but you can also access the local stations. However, the ads in between the tracks can get pretty annoying soon.

For just a bit more ($0.99 to be exact), you can get TuneIn Radio Pro, which will offer you the premium feature of recording live audio streams. One jarring feature is that even if this is a paid app, ads are still present in the app.

Nevertheless, one of the coolest features of TuneIn Radio Pro app is the ability to pause or record an audio stream. Recording a song will save it in the special “records” tab. Another cool feature is the ability to rewind up to 15 seconds of the live audio stream.

While the app usually lists the song and artist that is playing on a radio station, it is not always accurate. If you get the Pro version, AirPlay support is bundled with the app. Other miscellaneous features include data usage (3G/Wi-Fi divided), easy station browsing (by name instead of number), background playback, and a simple map-based location changer.

TuneIn Radio Pro is a must-have app for all local radio fans.

Alternatives to TuneIn Radio

Some of the alternatives to TuneIn Radio Pro are Bose Internet Radio and iHeartRadio apps. Bose Internet Radio app is actually a companion app for the TuneIn Radio app, and it only makes it easier to stream AM/FM audio of different cities. However, the app seems to be absent from the App Store as of now.

iHeartRadio is yet another free app that is comparable to TuneIn Radio, even though it has a very limited selection of radio stations. Nevertheless, its features pale in comparison to even the free TuneIn Radio app, let alone the Pro version.

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